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We have answers to some frequently asked questions below. Check it to see if we can answer your question. If you need more help please don’t hesitate to use the form in the contact us section below OR call us on 01369 704545.

General Queries

Q: How big are your halls?
Q: Where is the nearest parking?
Q: What time do you open?
Q: How do I apply for employment?
Q: Can I follow the cinema on social media?
Q: Can I buy snacks from a kiosk without watching a film?
Q: Can I advertise within the cinema and how to on screens?
Q: I have a charity request who do I contact?
Q: Who do I contact regarding lost property?

Booking Queries

Q: How to book tickets online?
Q: Can I claim discounts online? (Such as Meerkat Movies, 2-4-1, Young Scot etc)
Q: What if I don’t receive my confirmation email?
Q: What happens if I lose my tickets?
Q: Can I amend my booking?
Q: What if I don’t receive my confirmation email?
Q: If I book online, do I need to collect my tickets?
Q: If you’ve booked online do you still need to bring ID with you?
Q: What is a Fun Film Club?
Q: How do film certificates work?
Q: Should I book in advance?

My Account

Q: How do I create an account?
Q: How do I change my temporary password?
Q: How do I change my password?

Prices & Discounts

Q: How much do tickets cost?
Q: What is a concession ticket?
Q: Can I use my CEA card for all screenings?
Q: Do you have family tickets?
Q: Do you have family tickets?
Q: Can I take a baby into the cinema & do I have to pay for a baby into the cinema?
Q: Do you accept Meerkat Movies?
Q: Do you offer student discounts?
Q: Do you accept any third-party discount cards?
Q: I am looking to make a group booking. How does this work?
Q: What is a V.I.P ticket and what can I use it for?
Q: Do you accept Filmology Vouchers?

Autism Friendly Screenings

Q: When do your autism-friendly screenings take place?
Q: What is the difference in an autism-friendly screening.
Q: Are autism friendly cinema screenings just for people with autism?
Q: Do carers get in for free?
Q: Do I need to prove I have autism?
Q: Can family and friends come?
Q: What if we need extra adjustments?
Q: Do I have to book my ticket in advance?


Q: Does your venue have disabled access?
Q: Do you have toilets with disabled access?
Q: Which carer cards do you accept?
Q: Is there a car park close by?

Gift Vouchers

Q: Do you sell gift vouchers?
Q: Can you use your gift voucher at both box and kiosk?
Q: Can you use gift vouchers online?
Q: Is a gift voucher still valid if it was issued before the new system?
Q: What if you don’t want to use all of the gift voucher amount at once?

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