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Looking to advertise your business in a cost effective way? On screen cinema advertising is a fantastic way to capture an audience.

Why is cinema advertising beneficial?

  • 89% of our regular customer base is local* based on an average month late 2023.
  • Cinemagoing is a valued and popular interest in the UK after being 2nd to Restaurants & Cafes.
  • In an independent study, DCM found that cinema gave 7x more ad recall than TV alone.
  • The big screen experience is like no other, it’s attention-grabbing without having to do any extra work.
  • Unlike traditional forms of marketing such as posters which people might walk or drive past, on our screens your advert is placed strategically to ensure maximum viewing.

Have either a still slide on screen, or roll a video across all of the biggest shows? Looking to target a specific audience? We can tailor your screening preferences ahead of time to make sure you get the best promotion for your business.

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